Month: September 2016

A Day in the Life of a Music Video Extra (Earwig’s “Wasted on You”)

Casey Bowers had the chance to spend a day with Earwig witnessing the filming of the band’s “Wasted on You” music video which features a very special guest appearance by Lydia Loveless. Fortunately for us, Casey took a bunch of notes. It was over 2 years ago. That’s how long it’s been –  and that’s okay. It doesn’t matter. It’s here now and it’s phenomenal. It’s Pause for the Jets from Earwig, the long-running legendary Columbus band and lifelong musical vehicle of Lizard McGee. What makes PFTJ (that’s right, it’s not even out yet and I’m abbreviating it. First!) so damn incredible is the album’s multiple standout tracks. From fuzzed out rev-up opener, Wisdom Teeth to The Church & Bunnymen-inspired closer, Badr Moon, to the “Are you kidding me?!!”reaction-warranting pop perfection of X-factor “Shine,” PFTJ is chock full of catchy, indie/alt/rock/poppy goodness that like any great ensemble comedy cast, are awesome on their own, but are somehow even better altogether. After almost a month with it, I still can’t decide on a favorite, but I must admit I keep coming back to #9. Track #9 on the album is “Wasted on You” and while it fits seamlessly onto the album, it sticks out in mind as the track that led us to where we are now. It was over 2 years ago that I answered an email, played hookey...

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Iain Matthews of Plainsong Interview

Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza with Zeppelin Productions will be hosting Plainsong on Monday, September 19th @ 7:30 pm.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Iain about the show and the tour.  The show will feature works from Plainsong’s catalog as well as feature their latest album, Reinventing Richard:The songs of Richard Farina.  Iain and Andy Roberts wanted to do  an album to celebrate the music of Richard Farina on the 50th anniversary of his passing. The album is a great listen.  This is a can’t miss show in Columbus.  Hope to see you there.  Enjoy the interview....

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Show Review: Band of Skulls

Sometimes playing to the right room can make all the difference in the world. That was my first thought after leaving last Friday’s excellent Band of Skull’s show at Skully’s Music Diner. I had seen the band before, on their last visit to town at Newport Music Hall two years ago. It was a really good show. But the cozier confines of Skully’s, and perhaps the energy the more confined space brought, made all the difference in the world. Opening with the brooding almost title track In Love By Default from their excellent new LP “By Default”, eased the band and audience...

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Twin Peaks @ The A&R

Twin Peaks are group of young rockers hailing from Chicago. They came through Columbus as their first stop on a tour promoting their newest album Down in Heaven, which is a softer more vulnerable take on the teenage-beloved garage rock they’re known for. Before the show there was some fan upset about the movement of the show from the “dinge” of The Basement up to the A&R, but the heat and smoke pouring in from the summer night brought all the dinge necessary. It was like standing in a virtual sauna with steam and cigarette smoke permeating all around. However, these conditions seemed to only amp up the crowd as they screamed and sweat through every song. Teenage boys moshed and shook off sweat like wet dogs. A chorus of female screams split the air over screaming guitars during a brief guitar make out sesh curtesy of Clay, Twin Peaks guitarist and singer. For a brief moment I thought the heat had gotten the best of me, but hey nothing wakes you from a warm lull like a crowd surfer’s foot to the back of your head. It was everything you think of when you think of a punk rock show. Filth and sweat and kids going absolutely crazy. Even through slower songs like Walk To One You Love and Wanted You, the moshing and crowd surfing didn’t subside....

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