Month: January 2016

Show’s On, Tune In, Get Out: January 29 – 31

Many shows of note this weekend, here’s my picks: FRIDAY A two-night celebration of Brett Helling’s life and musical loves takes place Friday and Saturday night at Natalie’s Coal-Fired Pizza. Brett was an active musician in Columbus for a number of years, playing in bands like The Cabdrivers, The Kyle Sowashes and Winter Makes Sailors, before ending his life last February after a medical procedure went wrong and led him into a downward spiral into depression. Check out the Alive feature for a preview of which of Helling’s favorite songs are going to be performed by his friends. Friday night’s...

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Show’s On, Tune In, Get Out: Space Pony & One in the Chamber

We’ve got another great rock show going on in Columbus this weekend. Space Pony is playing with Buried in Concrete, Groot, and One in the Chamber. These bands span the range from Pearl Jam to Pantera with Space Pony and One in the Chamber at the ends of the spectrum respectively. So, what I’m telling you is that, if you like rock of any kind, then you will hear something you like at this show. Space Pony has that in your face, 90’s attitude that explodes into ragged, ear-pleasing rock out of smooth riffs. They have a distinct sound and seem to know what they are after musically. Don’t miss these guys! One in the Chamber is much more of your classic Pantera like pounding, heavy metal band. Their musical feel would fit into a 99.7 The Blitz playlist. Get you details here: Showtime: 8:00 PM Location: O’Sheckys Live Bar & Restaurant – The Continent Shopping Center, 6240 Busch Blvd, Columbus, OH 43229 614-436-5656 Live long and rock.  ...

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Saturday night: Greenhorn returns for a good cause

I’ve told this story countless times but back in the days before the interweb, the best way to find out who was playing at Stache’s was to go to the club and look at the calendar. And, whenever you saw Greenhorn’s name, you knew to cancel all other plans. Outside of a few 45s, there was no music available by the Spurgeon and McGann brothers so a live show was how you got your fill of the noisy, guitar-driven rock. Inevitably, as most bands do, Greenhorn parted ways by the mid-90s and members moved on to different music and...

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