Month: November 2015

Show’s On, Tune In, Get Out: 11/27 – 11/29

It’s great to see family and eat tons of food over the Thanksgiving holiday but undoubtedly you’ll need to get out of the house this weekend to drink some beer and listen to some live music. Tis the season. Friday Baroness is kicking off their tour in Columbus at Ace of Cups. The band – and its heavy riffage – is no stranger to Columbus, they seem to hit the capital city every time they’re on the road and it never gets old with fans, the proof being that this show is SOLD OUT. Doors at 8, Earthling opens and Baroness goes on around 10. I’d suggest that had Baroness asked for a local opener, Mount Carmel or Brujas del Sol would have been good options. However, those two bands are teaming up for a show at the Big Room Bar. If you missed out on Baroness tickets, this is a great alternative. $8 in advance, $10 at the door and you can bring along your kid brother or sister … the show is ALL AGES. Brujas del Sol starts at 9 with Mount Carmel to follow. It’s been months since Puddle of Mudd’s lead singer Wes Scantlin has been in the news (he had a string of DUIs this summer) so maybe this show will go off without a hitch at the Alrosa. As with most Alrosa shows,...

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Show’s On, Tune In, Get Out: 11/20 – 11/22

Musicians, music appreciators, and night life junkies, here is your weekly guide to the Columbus music scene. Whether you’ve got a rock n’ roll heart or a craving for heavy EDM drops, there is something for you. Check out what Columbus has to offer you this weekend. FRIDAY SHOWS (20TH) Kid Runner Kid Runner immediately struck me as a thoughtful, poppy, and electronic band. Many of their songs come across as “sparkling” for lack of a better term. Their sound makes you think about the stars which makes them perfect for a night time dance on the beach. Details: Doors: 7:00 PM @ A&R Music Bar – 391 Neil Avenue, Columbus OH 43215 614-461-5483   The Werks, Twiddle Twiddle is opening the night with their well-crafted, seamless music. They often alternate, without missing a beat, between smooth rhythms and rocking electric riffs. There is clearly a lot of musicianship and thought that goes into their songs. The Werks will follow that up with their electric jams. Not to be corny, but they’ll give ya “the werks.” Details: Doors: 8:00 PM @ The Newport Music Hall – 1722 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201 614-294-1659 The One-Eyed Show The One-Eyed Show is closing out the nigh at Ruby Tuesday. They play a sun-touched rock n’ roll. For a comparison I’d use Free Energy. Both of these bands have the same...

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I want my (C)MTV!

The days of videos making or breaking bands is done and, for a long time, bands haven’t even bothered because it seemed like a waste of money to shoot something that would never make it on air. But with the ability to shoot and edit videos on the cheap and having a distribution network like YouTube where bands don’t have to hope and prey to get added to a playlist, more and more smaller artists are shooting videos to help promote the stuff they’re working on. Here’s a sampling of videos by Columbus bands that have recently been released. Ladies and gentlemen, Columbus Music Television...

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Listen: “Death Ride” by Bava Choco

Death Ride by Bava Choco This came out of nowhere! I asked bassist Mike Lovins about Bava Choco, a band – also featuring vocalist Patrick Monroe (BA Baracus, Intercontinental Champs), guitarist Eric French (Josh Krajcik) and drummer Corey Gillen (Josh Krajcik) – that seemingly sprang up out of a sludgy Southern mud pit. “Eric has a studio and I met him while doing a recording with Chuck Oney,” Lovins told me. “Eric, Corey and Patrick have been friends for a while and had also worked on various projects together in the past.” Without any sort of social media presence, I had to know, is this a one-off song recorded by guys with some time to kill or is the start of the next great Columbus band. “We have an album’s worth of material recorded,” Lovins said. “This is a real band and, yes, there are plans to play live. I think the hope is to get the recording process done first. Hopefully we’ll start planning shows before the end of the year.” Bring it...

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