Month: February 2015

Damn the Witch Siren remix Cadaver Dogs “Confessional”

Damn the Witch Siren has applied their bad ass, electro-funk spin to the Cadaver Dogs “Confessional” (which was already pretty bad ass to begin with). In their own words: We did a remix for our friends Cadaver Dogs!! We were planning on turning it into one of our silly synthpop songs, but the Dark Lord rose up from the depths of hell and said, “Nay, ye witches. Thou shalt craft this remix in my image.” So instead we made a glitchy, gospel-tinged, Black Sabbath-inspired rock mix. No dubstep breakdowns, no drops. We had a blast working on this and we hope you enjoy it! Confessional (Damn The Witch Siren remix) by Cadaver Dogs Here’s the original. Too Much by Cadaver...

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Bunbury Music Festival – Cincinnati – June 5 – 7

  Here’s Columbus Calling’s Keith Adams’ first impression: The Bunbury Festival line-up was announced today, marking the festival’s 4th year of existence and first under the ownership of Promowest Productions. Some quick observations/reactions: this is already likely to be the most popular iteration of the festival with heavy hitting headliners and, as Chip remarked, a very CD102.5 oriented indie/alternative line-up. The inclusion of Snoop Dogg was a welcome surprise and makes me hope that day may include some other acts that I’m interested in. The lack of heavier bands is a little disappointing, though they do have Royal Blood in that department. Still, it would have been nice to see more heavier bands included, or perhaps a couple of other rap artists to go with Snoop Dogg’s headlining set. Perhaps most intriguing to me is that a few of the artists such as the Decemberists, Father John Misty and Royal Blood are playing their own shows in Columbus in the days leading up to the festival and several others will be in town just a few months prior, such as Bleachers, Shakey Graves and Atmosphere. A nice sign that Promowest doesn’t fear competition from itself and feels the festival can hold it’s own while still selling the shows here in the Capital City. Combine that with some local music showcased and it feels like an overall win for our...

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Just announced: Scorpions at the LC (9/22)

Checked out the Scorpions website and noticed a September 22 date listed in Columbus at the LC. The legendary German hard rock band was supposed to play the LC during their “farewell” tour in June of 2010 but canceled a day or two before the show due to singer Klaus Meine’s chest cold. I guess the idea of retirement didn’t sit well with the band who will be releasing Return to Forever next week and then hitting the road in May for a world tour. We’ll share ticket info once we know...

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Yowler – The Offer

We’re a few weeks away (March 10) from the debut release (cassette/digital) by Yowler which is, essentially, Maryn Jones’ solo project (Jones fronts All Dogs and sings and plays multiple instruments in Saintseneca). Two songs (“7 Towers” and “The Offer”) are available to stream right now and seeing as how I’ve gone the opposite route of Maryn by taking THIS solo project and adding members, I decided to introduce some of the new Columbus Calling contributors by asking them to provide their thoughts on these songs. The Offer by YOWLER Keith Adams Yowler make their debut with The Offer, two quiet tracks that while sonically might not be what you’d expect from their name, they more than live up to the title in emotional intensity. It’s worth mentioning that I went into this review blind, with no knowledge of All Dogs, one of Maryn Jones’ other bands, besides what a quick Google search revealed to me. “7 Towers” reminded me of Warpaint’s quieter moments and the brooding guitar work immediately drew me in. While I appreciated the build and restraint, I couldn’t help but daydream of what some light rhythmic percussion might bring to the proceedings. Which isn’t to say the song doesn’t work well here, as it may be my favorite of the two. The title track “The Offer” is the sort of song that is so intimate it’s...

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