The memories are fuzzy, but I saw my first Alice Cooper show in 1986 (Cleveland Public Hall, the Vinnie Vincent Invasion opened). It was one of the first concerts I ever went to, I wasn’t even old enough to drive, my mom played taxi that evening. This was way before Al Gore invented the internet so I was not prepared for all the theatrics Cooper included in his set.

Thirty years later, many of those same theatrics (Cooper in a straight jacket, Cooper getting his head chopped off in a guillotine, Cooper wearing a boa constrictor around his neck) – as well as many of the same songs – were included in Cooper’s nearly sold-out show at Express Live (outdoors) last Friday night.


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Review: Stephanie Garber
Photos: Kimberly Rottmayer
Interview: Piper (Kids Interview Bands)


It was a vibe of sheer giddiness that filled the Newport as Frightened Rabbit’s devoted followers crammed the pit Monday night.  People were fairly frolicking in their anticipation for the Scottish electro-folk-rock five-piece to make their arrival onstage. 

Known for lyrical emotional highs and lows and painting a gloomy landscape, the upbeat crowd (and sound) was juxtaposed throughout the night; songs with sparse, staccato beats you could sway and sing along to contrasting with the well-known, cathartic Frightened Rabbit lamentations.  A deep, violet-blue stage washed the band with darkness as the pulsating electronic opening notes of “Get Out” sprung to life – (as did the crowd), then swelling into Pedestrian Verse’s well-loved “Holy” as the driving guitar surged under singer Scott Hutchison’s blunt admission:  “I don’t mind being lonely, so leave me alone.”

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After only being together a little over a year, the five young members of The Candescents are set to release their new album “Bedheads” on July 10th. They’ve already begun to garner a good response in the local scene, pulling out a solid number people to most of the shows they play. The crowds so far seem to be receiving them well, they almost brought down the house last time I saw them, literally! (but that’s a story for another time) So after seeing them live and loving it, I pulled together some of our contributors to review their new single “Back of Your Hand”

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At the beginning of next month (April 1st) Wolfman and the Airship Captain will be releasing their debut album after spending almost 5 years together as a band. Since their formation there have been some lineup changes. The current lineup is Gus Dieker (vocals) Colman Hickey (synth), Jack Lynch (drums/vocals), Ted Langhorst (guitar), and Jamie Watson (synth) Three songs off their first EP “Wolf Baby” (“We Rob Banks” “Mallomarz” and “Crystal Earth”) are currently available to stream, and since they’re one of my favorite bands in town, I got some of the Columbus Calling contributors together to provide their thoughts on these tracks.

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We’re a few weeks away (March 10) from the debut release (cassette/digital) by Yowler which is, essentially, Maryn Jones’ solo project (Jones fronts All Dogs and sings and plays multiple instruments in Saintseneca). Two songs (“7 Towers” and “The Offer”) are available to stream right now and seeing as how I’ve gone the opposite route of Maryn by taking THIS solo project and adding members, I decided to introduce some of the new Columbus Calling contributors by asking them to provide their thoughts on these songs.

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