Looking for some last minute Christmas gifts for your vinyl-loving, local-music friend or family member? Anyway Records is offering an AMAZING deal – four of the label’s best 2016 releases for $40 (postage included for those who need it shipped). The records included in this bunch are:

You may have read about these releases on some year end “Best of” lists like Popmatters, All Music, Blurt and more which makes this deal all the more incredible.

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I had the chance a few days ago to stop by Ace in the Hole and chat with Mike, the owner.  Mike has been in the music business since the 80’s.  His first store was the Record Connection on the east side; he has since moved to Kenny and Henderson in the Kenny Centre Mall.  We talked about the music business and his adventures riding motorcycles with Jorma Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane fame.  Mike is one of the nicest guys you’ll come across.  Stop in the store.  The bins are stocked and plenty of gems to be found.  Enjoy the podcast.


Record Store Day 2015 is upon us, and there will be over 400 new and special releases Saturday, April 18th. Record Store Day has become a holiday for stores and shoppers alike.  Some stores placing huge orders, which can mean a great profit, but also a big risk.

Columbus has a number of great stores and they will be pulling out all the stops.  I have been updating events on a Facebook Page, but wanted to do a more comprehensive post for readers of Columbus Calling.

The interesting thing about Record Store Day is the stores may not even know what they are getting until a day or two before the event due to the limited run of the special items and no holds are allowed. Many stores will be having contests, bands, special sales, and even food trucks.

This guide will take you through the many events happening on Saturday.

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Used Kids: Greg Hall, Jon Witzky


Used Kids Records was started by Dan Dow and Ron House in the 1986. Since opening in the original location in the cellar, the store moved to the current location upstairs in the building next door.

While Ron has not actively worked in the store for years, Dan continued the day-to-day operations until he decided to retire last year and sell the store to Greg Hall.

Greg’s put a lot of time and effort into remodeling the store which still boasts one of the largest inventories in town and is a crate-diggers dream.

The store still has the same feel, but is more organized and they’ve have moved the stage to the back and continue to have great in-store shows (see schedule here).

I had a chance to talk to Greg about the store and his plans.