Been waiting to see this one after the video’s director Paul Cunningham told me the concept behind the Gudger video he shot near his Cool World Photography studio in Marysville this past July.

The Lancaster-based trio released their second album, II, in October and have been very active on the local touring circuit the last few months. While you’re waiting for the next local gig (at the Dark Horse Tavern in Reynoldsburg on April 8), check out the brand new video for “Death from Above” and dig the Sabbath/Monster Magnet vibes.

Love that bands are still making videos. YouTube is the new MTV and anybody/everybody can get some video views rather than having to hope and p(r)ay to get one showing at 1:47am during “120 Minutes” (R.I.P.)

Following last year’s video for “Wasted on You” featuring guest vocals and appearance by Lydia Loveless, Earwig returns with another killer video. This time, the band enlists Columbus legend Nina West as a co-star along with a brief cameo by an underage bartender 😉 Musically, one of the most diverse Earwig songs in the band’s discography and ya gotta dig Lizard’s Michael Jackson jacket.

Earwig – “Bring Yrself 2 Me”

James Allison put plenty of miles on the Digisaurus tour van in 2016, building a name for his electro-pop project. After wrapping up the fall portion of the tour, James ventured to Nashville to shoot a video for “I Don’t Feel Alright” with director Evan Spencer Brace (Phantogram, White Arrows). The song and video feature backing vocals by Fran Litterski (Kid Runner, Planes & Fields, Magic Man).

Digisaurus – “I Don’t Feel Alright” (featuring Fran Litterski)

Casey Bowers had the chance to spend a day with Earwig witnessing the filming of the band’s “Wasted on You” music video which features a very special guest appearance by Lydia Loveless. Fortunately for us, Casey took a bunch of notes.


It was over 2 years ago. That’s how long it’s been –  and that’s okay.
It doesn’t matter. It’s here now and it’s phenomenal.

It’s Pause for the Jets from Earwig, the long-running legendary Columbus band and lifelong musical vehicle of Lizard McGee.

What makes PFTJ (that’s right, it’s not even out yet and I’m abbreviating it. First!) so damn incredible is the album’s multiple standout tracks. From fuzzed out rev-up opener, Wisdom Teeth to The Church & Bunnymen-inspired closer, Badr Moon, to the “Are you kidding me?!!”reaction-warranting pop perfection of X-factor “Shine,” PFTJ is chock full of catchy, indie/alt/rock/poppy goodness that like any great ensemble comedy cast, are awesome on their own, but are somehow even better altogether. After almost a month with it, I still can’t decide on a favorite, but I must admit I keep coming back to #9. Track #9 on the album is “Wasted on You” and while it fits seamlessly onto the album, it sticks out in mind as the track that led us to where we are now.

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Been a while since we’ve turned the cable dial to (C)MTV to check out new videos by Columbus (or former Columbus) artists. Here’s some videos to check out.

Lydia Loveless – “Longer” from Real (Bloodshot Records), out on August 19

Mary Lynn – “Two and Two” from My Animal (Anyway Records), out on August 19

Kid Runner – “Give Me Something to Love” from Body Language, released on August 12

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Watch all three of these videos. Then watch them again, they’re that good.

If you live in the continental United States, check out The Receiver this spring as they undertake a massive tour hitting just about every state! While Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons might not be driving coast to coast, they’ve got dozens of Ohio shows lined up over the next few months.

The Receiver – “To Battle an Island”

Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons – “Your Love”

Marcy Mays & Sue Harshe – “Space Oddity” (David Bowie) – Mug and Brush Session