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Author: Annalisa Hartlaub

Drowners Interview

New York’s prettiest post-punk rockers Drowners were gracious enough to give us an interview in anticipation of their show at Ace of Cups on June 13th (Doors at 8pm, Friendly Faux opens). They’ll be touring throughout the U.S. to promote their new album out June 24th entitled  “On Desire” If you could tour with any band living or dead, broken up or together, who would it be and why? The Clash.  Seeing them play every night would be totally awe inspiring.    Who is the most underrated musician/songwriter? Vini Reilly of the Durutti Column.  He’s a real genius a lot of people pass over.      What is the first record you ever bought? First record I bought – Jimi Hendrix ‘Are You Experienced’… But the record with the biggest impact on me – Fugazi ’13 Songs’    What is a band you love, that you think people would be surprised by? ABBA.  We’re all huge fans.   If you had to pick another occupation, what would be your dream job outside of being a musician? I’ve always wondered about the guy who changes the lights at the top of the Empire State Building. That or a lighthouse keeper.  There’s a thread here I think.      What’s on the tour van playlist? A lot of ABBA. Beach Boys. Harry Nilsson. And GG Allin.  But that was just today’s drive.    ...

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Spoonful Records Recommends: Doug Tuttle

This will be the first in a series of posts from local record shops recommending their favorite musicians to our readers. For this installment Spoonful Records recommends Doug Tuttle, so here’s a brief interview with Doug before his show at The Happy Dog in Cleveland. Spoonful Records is located at 116 E Long St. and is run by Brett Ruland. They’re open Tu-Sa 11:00am- 7:30pm and Su Noon-6:00pm. So if you enjoy this, stop in soon and get some more Spoonful Records recommendations! Who is the most underrated musician or songwriter? I think Fairport Convention very underrated, at least the first album. The other stuff I kinda understand not being as popular because it’s so traditional folk. Speaking of Fairport, who do you like better Judy Dyble or Sandy Denny? Judy Dyble, all the way! What’s the most underrated album? There’s a lot of underrated albums, I guess it’s just whether it had the ability to be heard or not. It kind of changes a lot, one of my favorite records is by this band Ithaca. They’re a British band, a group of people that put out five different albums out under different band names, Ithaca, Agincourt, Tomorrow Comes Someday, Alice Through The Looking Glass, and Friends; but the Ithaca record is awesome. It’s really great, home recorded, just absolutely beautiful. It could have been the biggest record at...

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#FBF: Cbus Summer 2015

Flashback Friday or Throwback Thursday it’s all the same. Relive a little bit of Columbus’s music filled summer on film. Jacco Gardner and his band at 4th and 4th Fest. Alicia Bognanno of “Bully” at CD102.5 Summerfest. Young fans scream during One Direction’s show at Ohio Stadium. Kelly of “The Lemons” shows off her lip tattoo reading “Whatever” after their show at Seventh and Son Brewing. “The Reciever” performing during 2nd annual Beach Fuzz The Candescents playing Spacebar for their “Bedheads” release...

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