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Author: Chip Midnight

5 Bands I Wish Weren’t Playing Rock on the Range

Rock on the Range returns to Mapfre Stadium this weekend and pretty much every hard rock/metal band is on the bill. The 3-day fest is a great thing for Columbus and a great thing for music fans – if you were able to score a ticket before it sold out. But, along with Rock on the Range comes a radius clause in the contract that the high profile bands sign which prohibits them from playing a headlining show in Columbus or surrounding areas (typically 150 miles) for a certain amount of time (both before and after the ROTR date)....

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Micah Schnabel releases new song

There’s some artists that write big choruses with throwaway verses. Micah Schnabel is not one of those artists. As both the co-founder of Two Cow Garage and as a solo artist, Schnabel’s songs are stories that the listener needs to pay attention to from start to end. I don’t know if every single word of every single song that Schnabel writes are auto-biographical but the delivery is done with such honest conviction that I can easily envision the young Micah as he sings “When I was 13 / I taught myself to play the drums / In the basement...

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Interview with Split Single’s Jason Narducy

On Thursday night, Jason Narducy’s Split Single will play at Rumba Cafe with R. Ring (Kelley Deal of The Breeders) and longtime local favorites Bicentennial Bear. Friends were recently talking about the show and they mistakingly thought that R. Ring and Bicentennial Bear were having a split single release party! When I mention this to Narducy in an email, he says that he isn’t aware of people making this mistake in any other situation. Narducy’s been performing in bands since he was a pre-teen and Dave Grohl has said that seeing a 12-year-old Narducy perform with his punk band Verboten provided...

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Friday: Ne-Hi @ Spacebar

  AV Club recently ran a great feature on the ’90s Chicago alt-rock scene – it was a special time in that city’s musical history and there are those who have said Chicago guitar-rock has disappeared. In that feature, Blake Smith (Fig Dish/Caviar) says, “I hear from people that are complaining there’s no great guitar bands right now. The city’s got Twin Peaks and The Orwells and Ne-Hi. A lot of great guitar music right now.” In the ’90s, Chicago bands like Triple Fast Action, Menthol and Local H often did short midwest tours with stops in Columbus. While the...

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Monday: The Dollyrots at Rumba Cafe

It’s been a few years since The Dollyrots have rolled through Columbus though they have an excuse – singer/bassist Kelly Ogden and guitarist Luis Cabezas got married and started a family (River was born in 2013, his sister Daisy in November 2016). With a new album – Whiplash Smile – coming out on March 24 (stream the whole thing here), the entire family decided to hit the road. After playing at Bernie’s, The Summit, Ravari Room, A&R Bar and Skully’s in the past, The Dollyrots make their Rumba Cafe debut on Monday night with The Two Tens. Doors open at 8 and cover is...

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