Alright Columbus, don’t let me down – sell this show out. $12 for three touring bands, all of whom have either already topped alt-rock radio stations of the satellite variety or should be soon.

Harriet was a late add to the bill and put out one of my favorite albums of 2016 (so far). In the new issue of Big Takeover magazine (coincidentally, hitting store shelves this month), I wrote, “There’s something almost criminal in how easy a new-ish band delivers poignant tunes with unexpected R&B flair – a white boy from California shouldn’t be able to just casually break into falsetto and nail it the way Alex Casnoff does on the title track and ‘Ten Steps‘.”

The Charming Liars (pictured above) story is an interesting one. The band formed in London, moved to L.A., signed a record deal, recorded with Bob Rock, lost their lead singer, picked up a new one and now are on the verge of releasing a new EP, 12:31AM, just two days after the Columbus show (wonder if physical copies will be available?). The first single off 12:01 has a bit of an Imagine Dragons vibe, check it out and see if you agree.

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IMG_5904The classic thrash/industrial/metal band Prong played Ace of Cups Tuesday night – their ferocious riffs and speedy, tight rhythms shaking the venue to its core. Many metal bands are out there trying to make it, but Prong’s finesse and continually evolving sound (while still staying true to their roots) have stood the test of time. I had an opportunity to sit down and talk to founder, singer and guitarist Tommy Victor before the show.



Welcome to Columbus– thanks for this cool opportunity! My husband’s downstairs, he’s a huge fan – he saw you with Mind Over Four back in the day.

WOW! That’s a long time ago! Seems like yesterday—but time flies!

Well, that’s one of my first questions… you’re a current band, continually touring and putting out albums – but people still think of you as a 90’s band; do you ever get that nostalgia of fans coming up saying “Oh, man, I saw you in ’94…”

Every night! Continually. Still, the main pocket of fans, especially in America, remember us from the MTV days… we get a lot of that.

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Want to pre-game for Rock on the Range coming later this week without having to overpay for beer or parking? How about checking out a FREE show by a band that’s shared stages with the likes of Hollywood Undead, In This Moment, Theory of a Deadman, Sevendust and Pop Evil?

Minnesota’s 3 Pill Morning will unleash some heavy alt-metal on Tuesday night at On the Rocks (5815 Karmic Square, Dublin). The Fairweathered kick things off at 8:30 and for those heading to work Wednesday morning, you should be in bed at a decent hour.

Who knows, maybe your next chance to see 3 Pill Morning will be on a Rock on the Range stage sometime in the future so don’t miss out on this intimate experience.