Last weekend Kill Hannah played a three day mega weekend of shows as their goodbye party along with bands Shiny Toy Guns and MXMS in their hometown, Chicago. If you know me you know that I’ve seen these guys play and photographed their shows, well, more than I’m going to admit here on the internet. It’s also somewhat fitting that my camera finally bit the big one after during their last set.

Here is a compilation of the shots for the weekend.


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chuck_oney_ezoIf you happened to be driving past Natalie’s Coal-Fired Pizza on Wednesday and saw two guys in the middle of a business transaction, don’t worry, it wasn’t anything illegal. I suppose I have a reputation among friends and Columbus record store owners as an ’80s hair metal fan and that reputation often leads to emails, texts and private messages from people saying, “Hey, I found a copy of Pretty Boy Floyd’s debut, want me to pick it up for you?” or “Just got a huge collection of hair metal albums that I’m getting ready to put on the floor. You might want to stop in and check it out.”

A year ago, I mentioned that I was looking for a copy of EZO’s self-titled debut but not looking to pay $45 (the price the CD is currently going for through a third-party seller on Amazon). A few days ago, my friend Chuck Oney sent me a note. “Hey, you still looking for the EZO album? I found a copy for $1 at Used Kids. It’s an album, not a CD, but let me know if you want it.” Want it? OF COURSE!

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In a move not unlike Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift, Sean Woosley just posted his acoustic-based, lo-fi cover of Air Supply’s “All Out of Love”. One can only hope that Woosley goes all out and covers the entire ‘Lost in Love’ album which also features the classic “Every Woman in the World”.

Edit: Just noticed he also covered Air Supply’s “Making Love Out of Nothing At All”. I guess the thing to do is keep your eyes (and ears) on Woosley’s Soundcloud page.













I had the chance a few days ago to stop by Ace in the Hole and chat with Mike, the owner.  Mike has been in the music business since the 80’s.  His first store was the Record Connection on the east side; he has since moved to Kenny and Henderson in the Kenny Centre Mall.  We talked about the music business and his adventures riding motorcycles with Jorma Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane fame.  Mike is one of the nicest guys you’ll come across.  Stop in the store.  The bins are stocked and plenty of gems to be found.  Enjoy the podcast.