I may know a thing or two about Kids Interview Bands. On Friday, Piper had the chance to interview one of my favorite Columbus bands, All Dogs, at the Dairy Queen on Indianola. This might be one of my favorite interviews – having the chance to do it with a fun and friendly band and not having to worry about wrapping it up so the band can get to soundcheck was great. All Dogs had just gotten back to Columbus that morning having wrapped up a short tour in support of their debut release, Kicking Every Day.

Scorpions_CCBy Kevin Elliott

If ever there was a Mount Rushmore of metal pioneers, there would be the usual suspects — Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden — and there would certainly be debate about who was left out. Given that much of Hannover, Germany’s Scorpions veneer is defined by stadium-ready rockers (“Rock You Like A Hurricane”) and that ubiquitous ballad (“Wind of Change”), many would make the case that they aren’t exactly a metal band in the true sense of the word. For years I’ve been guilty of having the same perception, that was until I took the plunge through the band’s extensive and ever-shifting discography.

What you’ll find in digging is that, much like Maiden and Priest, the Scorpions, though distinctive thanks to the heavy accent of crooner Klaus Meine, were a band that rarely compromised. They dabbled in proto-doom with their debut Lonesome Crow, psychedelic speed metal with In Trance and Fly to the Rainbow, ’70s excess in Lovedrive and Animal Magnetism, and classic tracks that cemented them as ’80s radio icons in Blackout and Love at First Sting. Yet, after 50 years, it never seems they have been rightfully acknowledged as masters of metal and a force among their peers.

Thankfully this current tour — their “out-of-retirement again” tour — which not only serves as a celebration of their half-century as a band, but as a vehicle for their latest album Return to Forever, fans will have the chance to catch up and see what they’ve been missing all these years.

I had the rare opportunity to sit down and speak with Klaus Meine in anticipation for their upcoming Columbus show at the LC Pavillion on September 22nd.

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