Casey Bowers had the chance to spend a day with Earwig witnessing the filming of the band’s “Wasted on You” music video which features a very special guest appearance by Lydia Loveless. Fortunately for us, Casey took a bunch of notes.


It was over 2 years ago. That’s how long it’s been –  and that’s okay.
It doesn’t matter. It’s here now and it’s phenomenal.

It’s Pause for the Jets from Earwig, the long-running legendary Columbus band and lifelong musical vehicle of Lizard McGee.

What makes PFTJ (that’s right, it’s not even out yet and I’m abbreviating it. First!) so damn incredible is the album’s multiple standout tracks. From fuzzed out rev-up opener, Wisdom Teeth to The Church & Bunnymen-inspired closer, Badr Moon, to the “Are you kidding me?!!”reaction-warranting pop perfection of X-factor “Shine,” PFTJ is chock full of catchy, indie/alt/rock/poppy goodness that like any great ensemble comedy cast, are awesome on their own, but are somehow even better altogether. After almost a month with it, I still can’t decide on a favorite, but I must admit I keep coming back to #9. Track #9 on the album is “Wasted on You” and while it fits seamlessly onto the album, it sticks out in mind as the track that led us to where we are now.

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