Motorhead drops off Rock on the Range bill

By Chip Midnight

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Lemmy’s been dealing with a lot of health issues¬†in the last year so when Motorhead was announced as one of the Rock on the Range 2014 bands it was a bit of a surprise. It was announced today on the ROTR Facebook page that Motorhead (and Skindred) will not be performing at the rock festival in May.

Of course, the comments in this thread are exactly what you might expect:

  • “I feel that those of us that have already bought tickets should get partial refund.” Why? Because two bands, out of something like 60, dropped off and were replaced? There’s about 20 bands playing per day at a one-day ticket is $70. Don’t worry, you’ll get your money’s worth.
  • “There goes half the reason I spent two hundred dollars.” What was the other half?
  • “Don’t stab me but…who is Living Colour?” Kids these days!
  • “When you buy a ticket and the lineup changes you should get money back.” You bought a ticket to the festival, not to a show by a single band. Should you also get money back if it’s cold? If it rains?
  • “Are you ¬†kidding me? tickets should be discounted then” Two bands drop off and are replaced. Why should tickets be discounted.

We wish Lemmy well though I tend to suspect Motorhead’s touring dates have come to an end. They might do some shows here and there, but time has finally caught up to Lemmy.


Could Dolly Parton play the Nelsonville Music Festival?

By Chip Midnight

ColumbusCalling contributor Blair Hook has openly expressed his wish that Dolly Parton perform at the Nelsonville Music Festival. Ms. Parton was at the top of his list when the festival teased the upcoming lineup reveal on their Facebook page a few weeks ago. And, there is no question that Ms. Parton would be a very welcome addition to the four-day festival taking place May 29-June 1 in Nelsonville, Ohio, just outside Athens. There’s been some speculation from those with very loose ties to the festival that Ms. Parton is an artist that festival organizers have had their eyes on in the past so it would stand to reason there would still be interest in getting her to perform.


So, how feasible is it for Ms. Parton to join the lineup this year?

Earlier today we received a press release from Ms. Parton’s publicist outlining her tour plans through mid-July. There’s no Ohio dates listed on the schedule however there does appear to be an open date during the festival. One should not make any assumptions that this date is being held open until Nelsonville organizers have a chance to reveal the rest of the festival lineup. However, the open May 29 date – with a show in Knoxville (a mere 6 hour drive away from Nelsonville) the night before – does seem to jump out. On May 30, Ms. Parton is headed to Oklahoma for a 2-night stint but that would be an easy flight to make the morning of May 30 out of Cincinnati or Columbus should Ms. Parton perform at Nelsonville.

Is this nothing but wild speculation from people who have too much time on their hands or there something to this? Only time will tell, but it sure is fun throwing rumors out there with the hope that we’ll be able to say “I KNEW IT” should it actually come true.