Kendrick Lamar Announces Late October Date at the LC Outdoors



Yesterday it announced that hip-hop superstar Kendrick Lamar is coming to the LC Outdoors, and coming in hot, for what I assume will be the last show of the outdoor season, on October 24th. First of all, wow, good for Promowest Productions and 106.7 the Beat who are presenting the show. Kendrick was one of the most sought after festival headliners this year (albeit he received some pretty mixed reviews for those performances) and is arguably the biggest name in rap music at the moment, certainly in the top five.

When I was first told the show was taking place I was struck by how soon the show would be following the announcement, just over three weeks, and I also incorrectly assumed the show would be at the LC Indoor stage. There’s no doubt Kendrick can fill the outdoor setting handily, but I can only speculate on how the weather might be a factor and attendees can only hope that it won’t be one. As someone who has organized an event (Columbus Zombie Pub Crawl) over the last 6 years that took place in that same weekend before Halloween time frame, I can tell you that the weather has ranged from mild and almost summer-like to raining and downright cold. You just never know in Ohio. No matter, I doubt it discourages any of Lamar’s fans from showing up in full force as it is Columbus’ first chance to see the rapper since his performance at the short lived Breakaway Festival, and when he was slated to open for Kanye West on the Yeezus tour two years ago, a show that sadly was cancelled and never rescheduled.

Speaking of which, as an avid rap fan but primarily rock concert attendee, I’m always fascinated by manner in which rap shows take place. Shows are often announced not very far in advance, and I’ve personally witnessed a few where artists were late, heard about others where rappers were no shows (the Ghostface/Raekwon show at Park Street this summer, where Ghostface Killah supposedly no showed), etc. Perhaps it’s just the current rock star status that rappers themselves occupy more so than say your average indie rock act that allows them to announce late and still sell the thing out, but I digress. I’m not sure if Kendrick is doing other dates around this time or what got him out on the road on such short notice, and if anyone has any insight I’d love to hear it. I’ll sadly be missing this one as I’m planning a road trip to Detroit that very same night to see another rap group, Run the Jewels, so I’d love to hear about this show from those of you who attend. Tickets are on-sale Tuesday through Ticketmaster and at the LC Box Office and is presented by 106.7 the Beat. I’m guessing even with the short notice this one is still a sell out, and Kendrick will likely begin dominating year end album lists with his latest album, To Pimp a Butterfly, soon after his Columbus appearance. Your move, Columbus.

Red Fang/Whores coming to Ace of Cups, Heavy Rock Blitz to follow

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Kid, don’t lose your cool, there’s tons of heavy doom rolling through Ace of Cups. Next week will mark the unofficial kick off of perhaps the greatest run of heavy rock shows in Ace of Cups history with Red Fang, Whores and Wild Throne coming to town next Thursday, October 8th. Red Fang returns to Central Ohio after a long six year hiatus, which encompasses the entire amount of time I’ve resided in Columbus. I last saw them in Huntington, WV at the V Club in 2009 with Clutch. It was my first time hearing the band and I’ve been itching to rage to these guys live again ever since. They’ve forsaken us for Cleveland for many a tour, but finally they’re back. And while it will be Whores 3rd overall appearance in town, I get the feeling this is the one we’ve been waiting for, when a sure to be packed house feels the impact of this destructive noise-rock juggernaut. They are not to be missed.



While it feels like I’ve been waiting forever for that bill to arrive, Starwood Presents has seemingly decided this is just the opening salvo in a heavy rock blitz at Ace of Cups, seeing Russian Circles play on October 10th, Cattle Decapitation on November 2nd, and Windhand on November 11th. As if that wasn’t enough last week saw the addition of Earthless to the already can’t miss Graveyard set on December 4th. Even bigger announcements from last week saw two major “gets” announced back to back with Baroness opening their tour in support of their upcoming “Purple” release on November 27th, and the one that truly blew my hair back, the mighty Goatsnake coming to town on December 13th for their very first Ohio appearance ever.



You’ll have to forgive me, if it seems like I’m having a fan-boy moment here, it’s because I am. Ever since I’ve been going to heavy shows at Ace of Cups, any of the bands I just mentioned would have been on a wish list for performances I’d love to see at the venue. While Graveyard came to town earlier this year at the LC Outdoor with Clutch and Mastodon, this is the small room experience I think we were all craving. And it warms my heart to not only see Baroness coming back to town, but once again opening a tour in Columbus (they began support for Yellow and Green at Ace of Cups before their tragic bus accident later that year) back in an extremely intimate venue. And while Goatsnake might not be the biggest name on that list, in my opinion, they are the most impressive booking. Inactive for over a decade, since their return they’ve done extremely limited touring, appearing at overseas festivals such as Roadburn and in short runs on the West Coast where they reside. Some of their first East Coast shows ever are set to take place this month in major cities like New York City, Washington DC and Philadelphia. I was pretty close to pulling the trigger on a road trip to DC to see these guys so the opportunity to see them on home turf does not go unappreciated. So a big tip of the hat to Starwood Presents for lining up such premium acts here in Columbus, seemingly all at once. We’re going to be the envy of heavy rock fans from all over the Midwest and beyond this Fall and Winter. Heady times for heavy rock fans indeed. Tickets for all shows are currently on-sale at with physical tickets for Red Fang and Russian Circles available at the bar as well. In this writer’s opinion, a good deal of these shows will sell out.  Get your devil horns ready, it’s time to raise them high.




All Dogs featured on Kids Interview Bands













I may know a thing or two about Kids Interview Bands. On Friday, Piper had the chance to interview one of my favorite Columbus bands, All Dogs, at the Dairy Queen on Indianola. This might be one of my favorite interviews – having the chance to do it with a fun and friendly band and not having to worry about wrapping it up so the band can get to soundcheck was great. All Dogs had just gotten back to Columbus that morning having wrapped up a short tour in support of their debut release, Kicking Every Day.